Raah, the Lord our Sheperd

Someone who leads, protects, nurtures, and cares for. That is what spiritual leaders are. Shepherds. From Abraham to Jacob to David to the leaders of the early Palestinian church, the Bible is loaded with depictions of shepherd-sheep relationships.

the Good Shepherd—who healed the sick, touched the unclean, dined with outcasts, released the oppressed, and forgave the sinners.>
If you are barely making ends meet, if you are dreading that the next knock would be your landlady, or if you have expended all your energy trying to earn an extra penny for that hospital bill—then believe that He is Raah... that He will lead you beside green pastures.

If you are suffering from an interminable disease and the doctor says nothing can be done, if your heart is broken and you cannot find the strength to even smile, or if your spirit is crushed and you have lost all the will to live—then believe that He is Raah... that He will restore you, body, mind and soul.>

If you are moving to a territory where everything and everyone is unfamiliar, if you are given a responsibility that you feel is too heavy to bear, or if you feel that your world is falling apart—then believe that He is Raah... that He will walk with you even through the valley of the shadow of death.

Whatever your circumstances may be, come to Him. For He is Raah, the Good Shepherd who, in love, laid down His life for you. And with Him, you shall never be in want.


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To bring all peoples to the kingdom of the living God regardless of race, status, belief and religious affiliations through the saving, healing, delivering, and transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all the peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living-out the full-Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values

P- Passionate Love for GOD
L- Love and Compassion for Others
I- Integrity
F- Faithfulness
E- Excellence