SEASON OF EXPANSION: The JIL Palawan 27th Anniversary Celebration

A crowd shot during the JIL Palawan 27th anniversary celebration

A great promise from the word of God was claimed by JIL Palawan congregations on their celebration of 27th anniversary with the theme, “SEASON OF EXPANSION.”

The victorious celebration happened on September 06, 2015 at Skylight Convention Center in Puerto Princesa attended by more than 2,000 JIL people and visitors coming from different JIL churches in Palawan. Despite the rainy weather that day, the people were not stopped from giving honor and praises to the Living God.

National Operations Annual Strategic Planning 2015


The JIL National Operations Strategic Planning Team

Jesus Is Lord National Operations Department had successfully conducted its Annual Strategic Planning last September 3 to September 5 at Sunlight Guest Hotel in Puerto Princesa. The gathering of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) composed of Ptr. Alexander O. Garcia, the Director for National Operations, Sis. Lilian C. Garcia, member of the JILCW Office of the Strategy Management (OSM), the Mega-group Supervising Pastors, and Regional Pastors resulted to a very fruitful meeting and planning addressing various concerns of the ministry.

Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness

A God who is perfect... spotless... holy. Such a God should NOT have anything to do with men. Vile and corrupt in every way, we are His exact opposite. He SHOULD have been revolted.

But He was not. Instead, He did the most unthinkable act: He embraced us... Clothed us with His righteousness... Sent His only Son to bear our sin—even became sin for us. All these, just so we could be granted entrance into His holy courts.

Jehovah M’Kaddesh, the Lord who Sanctifies

C-L-E-A-N. These five letters may be incomprehensible to you—

You who are living a life of lies and deceptions... who are running against the law… who are stealing things, forbidden moments—even futures and lives.

Or you who are being haunted by your murky past: an illegal job… a police record… an abandoned family… a bloodstained knife.

Even you who everybody perceives as pristine clean—innocent—but are hoping for the demise of somebody… nurturing wild imaginings… plotting evil schemes

C-L-E-A-N. You may not understand this string of letters, but the Great Judge pronounces you as such—if only you will believe in His love… if only you will seek His forgiveness… if only you will surrender your life to Him.

Then you will understand. YOU. ARE. CLEAN.

Regardless of who you were and who you have become. Because the blood of Jehovah M’Kaddesh can wipe away every stain, every filth, every imperfection, every sin.

So plunge deep into His sanctifying blood and be… clean.

Resource: JILC Worldwide


A crowd shot during the JIL Pangasinan JIL12 Leadership Summit

A very victorious JIL12 Leadership Summit was held in the Province of Pangasinan on April 2, 2015, at Hotel Consuelo Pavilion in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The leadership summit was attended by 500 Life Group Leaders and workers of JIL Pangasinan who were very eager to transform the province through the dynamic strategies of the JIL12 System. With the theme "Strengthening the Shepherding Ministry," it was a great and fulfilling way for all the pastors, leaders, and workers of JIL Pangasinan who attended the event to spend their holiday break. Their time spent in attending the said was not wasted because each of them took home the learning, strategies, and ideas they got from the summit.



To bring all peoples to the kingdom of the living God regardless of race, status, belief and religious affiliations through the saving, healing, delivering, and transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all the peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living-out the full-Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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