A crowd shot during the JIL Pangasinan JIL12 Leadership Summit

A very victorious JIL12 Leadership Summit was held in the Province of Pangasinan on April 2, 2015, at Hotel Consuelo Pavilion in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The leadership summit was attended by 500 Life Group Leaders and workers of JIL Pangasinan who were very eager to transform the province through the dynamic strategies of the JIL12 System. With the theme "Strengthening the Shepherding Ministry," it was a great and fulfilling way for all the pastors, leaders, and workers of JIL Pangasinan who attended the event to spend their holiday break. Their time spent in attending the said was not wasted because each of them took home the learning, strategies, and ideas they got from the summit.


The JIL Pangasinan JIL 12 Leadership Summit had three sessions which proved to be very significant.

Ptr. Albert Musngi on his discussion about the basic foundations in implementing and running the JIL12 System.

The first session was handled by Ptr. Albert Musngi, Head of Area 19B of JIL Pampanga National Operation. He shared the basic foundations in implementing and running the JIL12 System in the church. He also shared the fruitful results of the JIL 12 strategies he implemented in JIL Sto. Tomas which sustained the church operations.  

The second session was handled by Ptr. Alex Garcia, the Director for National Operations and the Supervising Pastor of JIL Pampanga. He dealt with the questions of those who are present in the summit. The answers given on every questions raised gave further clarity to the matters discussed by Ptr. Albert earlier. Ptr. Alex also shared other support explanations and ideas about the JIL12 System.

Ptr. Alexander O. Garcia while delivering his commissioning message for the leaders and workers of JIL Pangasinan

The third session was the commissioning which was also handled by Ptr. Alex. He challenged the pastors and leaders of JIL Pangasinan to pursue and fulfill their God-given calling. Through his simple exhortation entitled, "God is Calling You", the value of understanding one's calling in life to fully comprehend the higher purposes of God and the worth of one's service to Him was emphasized. He also challenged the servants of God to fulfill the rallying vision of expansion of the JIL churches, the Vision 2500. He noted that the fulfillment of this vision is not merely about the physical growth of the church but rather, the fulfillment of what the Lord Jesus Christ mandated to His disciples in Matthew 28. The passion of every leader was truly reignited as they committed themselves to advance the Lord's Kingdom in their God-given territories.

Some captured moments during the commissioning session.

Various prophetic words were also uttered as they unite in a prayer for Pangasinan led by Ptr. Eliseo "Jun" Balquin, the JIL Church Northern Luzon Mega-group Director and Supervising Pastor of JIL Pangasinan.

Ptr. Alex Garcia and the JIL Pangasinan pastors declaring blessings for the JIL Church and province of Pangasinan.

The victorious JIL12 Leadership Summit of JIL Pangasinan was sealed with a prayer led by Ptr. Demmi Chiqui Acosta, Church Pastor of JIL San Quintin, Pangasinan.


Ptr. Albert Musngi on his discussion about the basic foundations in implementing and running the JIL12 System



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