Christ Bridged the Gap Between Belief and Reality by Dr. Dory Villanueva

Is it not disturbing when what you believe in does not match the way you live? But it is not disturbing at all if you are not even aware of it. Like when you say you believe in God and yet it is as clear as the sunshine that you are living in the dark. Like also when you say life is beautiful and yet misfortunes keep pouring on your lap. Indeed, there is a wide gap between belief and reality.

But that is not something new. People regardless of color, race, nationality, religious beliefs, social standing, and economic status suffer the same fate. Everyone has his own share of confusion and hardship in this perplexing world. Many, if not all, try to change the way they live, for the better.


They desire to be freed from life's woes. People born in poor families want to attain financial freedom. Though not all will be able to get it, many will keep striving to get this freedom at any cost. And it may really be so costly, like long separation from loved ones, longer hours spent at work, doing multiple jobs, lack of rest or sleep, worry and anxiety, and among others.

Moreover, it is disheartening to know the fact that the world economy will not remain as stable as we want it to be. And although overseas work or migration is a strategy that most people take advantage of in finding a greener pasture, it does not follow that those countries that seem to be wealthy today will still be as wealthy as they used to be. As it seems, every thing on earth is subject to change and therefore will not guarantee genuine security and freedom.

People also put their faith in what their government or political leaders can do to improve their means of living, yet it seems to be futile as well. Most of those in power and in authority had failed to fulfill their promises to the people from whom they owe so much. Their moral corruption and political greed caused the people they govern too much suffering specifically the gargantuan poverty.

Those who are locked up in a failed or distressing relationship may have wanted for so long to get away from it and find somebody who they think will make their lives happier. But not all succeed. Oftentimes, they reach the end of their lives without having done what is supposed to be done, or making right the wrong. That is why society has turned even more than chaotic.

And such result into depressing issues of life like abortion, infidelity, divorce, single-parenting, juvenile delinquency, vices, crimes, and among others.

Many people also have been trying to find answers to their problems by performing religious endeavours, hoping that God will bring immediate solutions and eventually make their lives easier and free from any burden. But it does not guarantee that just by mere command, all problems will fly away from us even if we are seeking God, even Him who is Just, True and Holy.

So what is the point in all of these discussions? Man needs to attain a deeper understanding of the world he lives in, to look into the daily issues of life that confront him, and to develop a perception or viewpoint that is fixed on God who commands the coming of the blessings and at the same time appoints time and judgment that is due to all.

But that is not easy to do, if not impossible. It is not easy to successfully achieve in reality what faith tells a person he can have. Neither it is easy for him to think nor reason about what is going on around his world and comprehends it fully well. Most of the time, he succumbs to depression and blames others as well for his plight. And if he does, he fails to look for things that may have been being worked out for his good.

Yet there is One who was able to bridge the gap between what faith does and what reality shows. If there is anyone who was able to make what He expects a fact, it is no less than Christ.

He knows and believes that life can be worry-free and He manifested it when He was still on earth. Although He is God, He assumed the human form for a divine purpose. And it did not exempt Him from going through what ordinary men go through. He has his own share of sufferings, ordeals and betrayals. He was neither born rich. His means of living was just carpentry. He was a social outcast among the Jews, religious and political leaders during His time. His brothers did not believe Him at first, and they even ridiculed Him.

And though he was disliked by the upper class, the masses loved Him. He ate with them, fed them, talked to them, preached the Good News to them, healed the sick, and performed miracles among those who believed.

Yet their affection for Him was momentary only. The elites set Him up for a crime punishable by death and the convinced common folks cried out for His death. Alas, He died in the hands of sinful men. But on the third day, He rose again, accomplishing the very purpose of offering Himself up as a sacrifice, for the people's remission and forgiveness of sins. In short, He saved their soul from the clutches of sin and hell. Yet in all those injustices He suffered, every one of us will richly benefit.

Christ identified Himself with men. Yet He is different, and such difference is far greater. He did not only feel the way they feel. He stood out among them. He did not think badly of those who did Him wrong, nor did He take vengeance. He was content. Greed never took hold of Him. He worked with His hands. He had the time to mingle with the needy, the common folks and children. He remained friendly and gracious even to those who hated Him.

Human affairs, which are often ugly, did not prevent Him from living better than and above the rest. Not just because He is God who is able to do this or give this to us. But because He points us to the fact that men, just as He became like them, can have a better life if only they will allow their eyes to see beyond.

And we can sneak a quick look at that by following what He said. This is no secret actually. "But seek first his (God's) kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6:33)



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